Real Estate

When it comes to real property, it is best to think with the future in mind

The nature of real estate is that it is long-term. If there are any errors at the transaction, the ramifications can loom for years and even decades after the fact. That is why an experienced real estate attorney can be so essential, giving peace of mind that issues will not crop up down the line. Particularly an attorney who has litigated issues arising from transactions that occurred over three decades ago, who knows what terms are far more material than they may first appear.

I make the process as clear as possible

Step 1: Contact me to arrange a meeting. I will listen to your goals – both short- and long-term – and give you an estimate before you hire me.

​Step 2: Conduct all necessary due diligence (if any) to ensure my clients have all the necessary facts before making a deal.

Step 3: Negotiate and draft the transaction documents.

​Step 4: Close the transaction.


What are your fees?

I charge an hourly rate of $300, and bill to the nearest tenth of an hour (six-minute increments). Before commencing any work, I meet with clients to explain the process and give an estimate of the total fees that will be likely be incurred. Ultimately, asking an attorney for an estimate on a transaction is a bit like asking a contractor for an estimate on remodeling a kitchen: neither of us can give a reliable number without seeing where you are at and what you are looking to accomplish.

How long will the process take?

Every transaction is different and operate on different timelines. Some residential home purchases can be inked in a matter of days. The sale of a business operating in a heavily-regulated industry can take months. Like my fees, however, I meet with clients to explain the likely timeline and certain items that may holdup or make the process go faster.

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